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That's twin

The bedboard design is the Kyoto brand "SOU · SOU"

  • 【Pine is like a pine tree】

    Pine has the beauty of pine, bamboo has the beauty of bamboo.
    It is impossible to ask the pine for the beauty of bamboo.People are also the same, so that one can make use of the person's advantage.
    It would be the most beautiful thing if we could survive in its natural form, innocence, as it is.
    (Wakisaka, Katsuji)
  • 【Kangeko】

    Kanameko is a beautiful silk fabric of cloth woven gilt woven cloth and is used for a lavish bridal gown costumes and obi etc. It has been mainly made in Kyoto Nishijin and has been invented and devoted mainly to Tang pattern.SOU · SOU golden clad made up of chrysanthemum and plum.(Wakisaka, Katsuji)


  • ■Amenity goods

    Bath towel, face towel, pajama
    Shampoo · Rinse · Body soap
    Toothbrush / razor shaving cream
    Deodorant spray·Disposable slippers
  • ■Guest Room Equipment

    Wireless LAN compatible
    tv set(General broadcasting·Free BS broadcasting)·Empty refrigerator·bus
    Electric pot·Hairdryer·mirror
    Warm water wash toilet

    Simmons(Simmons)140 cm double bed made by the company【That's it Twin limited】
    50 inch television【That's it Twin limited】
    BALMUDA The Pot (Balmuda electric pot)【That's it Twin limited】
    Air cleaner【That's it Twin limited】
    Separate toilets and baths【That's it Twin limited】

    ※There is no barrier-free room.
  • ■Lending Equipment

    trouser presser·Iron·A nail·Deodorant spray
    Blanket · thermometer · electric stand · hair iron · mobile charger etc
    (All numbers are limited)
  • ■About the number of people in the room and the futon

    ※The bed is 4 adults maximum (2 on 2 beds x 2). If you are the 5 th person and 6 th person, please set yourself a rental futon.

    ※In case of using a rental futon in case of using 2 to 4 people, please tell by telephone after reservation.
    It can be used at 1,000 yen per set.

    ※In case of using 5 people, 6 people, it is the fee including the rental futon fee.